What to Expect When Mercury's in Retrograde

May 10th started another retrograde period that stretches to June 3rd. If you've been paying attention to the Tik Tok astrologists and spiritual gurus, this has basically become a buzzword of sorts, but what the fuck even is it?


Mercury is the planet of communication, put plainly. When Mercury goes retrograde, it orbits opposite its norm and shit goes awry. Communication, expression, processing thoughts and travel plans are all effected during this time. It's a time for us to really take inventory of our lives and stop for a moment.

You CAN travel during retrograde periods, just be extra mindful of your preparation because things can be made a bit difficult. You SHOULD NOT take that ex back, this is the universe testing you and making you revisit past situations to see if your thought processes have changed toward the topic in any way.

It can definitely be a bit of a messy time, but it is nothing to be scared about. Some people on the internet love to make it into a catastrophic time period. While, it definitely CAN be if you are ungrounded and not mindful, it's really not typically an upheaval in life.


You may find yourself reminiscing old friends or relationships. You may find yourself running into old friends or lovers, or, in my case one time, an ex's brother. You may hear from exes directly, or you may simply just get into fights within current relationships.

Like everything in the universe, there is a purpose to it all, though. The purpose is to slow down communication so that you can reflect. We are so used to this hustle and bustle lifestyle that we scarcely take a moment to understand our communication styles. Sometimes we just have to ask ourselves what we think or how we feel. Retrogrades can be good for that.


Beyond buzz terms and there being all these specific "rules" for retrograde periods, I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We still are the creators of our own realities. We still have the power to impact any situation we are in simply by the ways in which we approach situations.

So, the moral of this short story is to approach retrograde periods like they're your bitch and they shall become just that. Don't live your life by all this shit, but instead, be mindful of it and understand why certain setbacks may be happening, and when they inevitably do happen, breathe through it, and keep pushing.

What you can expect in any retrograde period or ANYTHING in life, for that matter, is exactly the energy you put into it. Happy Retrograde, ya'll. May ya'll learn something valuable.

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