What is Spiritual Gatekeeping and Why Do I Despise it?

Spiritual gatekeeping, in a nutshell, is when "new age spiritualists" (aka anyone that doesn't fall in line with any single organized religion) tells someone new to the topic how they HAVE to go about starting or continuing their journey. If I'm being frank, it's complete bullshit if you ask me.

I realize no one's asked, but I need to say this to anyone interested in learning about this stuff, to anyone ready and willing or even thinking about diving head first into the rabbit holes of the occult or "unconventional" spiritual practices. Gatekeepers = Karens. Anyone who comes to you and hands you a rule book to this crap is literally projecting their own control issues and inadequacies onto you, and quite frankly once more, anyone who does that isn't truly a spiritualist.

I'm coining the term "spiritualist" as my umbrella term for anyone interested in anything having to do with unconventional practices. This includes Tarot cards, divination as a whole (more to come on that in later posts), Cabalistic teachings, The Golden Dawn, Alchemy, the Law of Attraction, or whatever other topic you can even think about. "Spiritualist", for the purposes of not having to be ridiculously specific, is the human who is deviating in some form or fashion from "normal", organized, conventional religions, stepping out into the world, and learning about other shit. Period. Chances are, if you're here reading this still, you are one.

Getting back to what I was saying now, though. I absolutely despise gatekeepers within the spiritual community. The reason is because it deters people from wanting to learn more about the esoteric. The same things that deterred me from the faith I was born into, Catholicism, is the same thing that gatekeepers do in the new age world.

I know I may be repeating myself, but it's imperative I drive this point all the way home: THERE IS NO RULE BOOK TO THIS SHIT. You don't have to summon up any demon or angelic spirit, you don't even have to believe those things exist. There is no special song, dance, or prayer you have to know, and anyone who tells you there is should be sent immediately in my path so that I may respectfully trip them while they walk past.

Gatekeeping within any community is toxic, but it REALLY has no place in a space that is so completely undefined and free. How is it even possible for someone to put a label on something so ambiguous? Are there concepts? Yes. Are there ancient practices? Yes. But, you don't need a letter from Dumbledore at Hogwarts in order for you to begin exploring topics. The ultimate beauty about being a spiritualist, and one of the things that made me fall in love with it in the first place was the absolute freedom. The freedom can be jarring, too, no doubt, because you can be drug down multiple different paths and winding roads, but where you end up, will most definitely be different than where your friend ends up, because, ultimately, you are following the path of your heart.

If you come across any gatekeepers on your journey (I promise you will), just ignore them, and remember that this stuff is here for you and you alone. No one is special in this world. No one. You have access to all the same stuff that someone else who's been in these practices for 25 years has access to. If you are starting Tarot, do it, feel it, and feel into it. Fuck what Madame WhatsHerName has to say. You might blow her ass out of the water, and that is EXACTLY why she's gatekeeping anyway.

I wanted to give this disclaimer and warning to anyone new to these topics. You WILL come across Karens and Chads, but ignore them and feel your way back to peace and love.

Namaste, ya'll.

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