What Even is Spirituality?

Webster’s definition of spirituality is, honestly, all over the place, but for the purposes of context, here it is:

  1. Something that belongs to the church

  2. The clergy

3. Sensitivity or attachment to religious values

4. The quality or state of being spiritual

As we can see, these definitions are really loaded and annoying. The reality is that the definition of spirituality depends on who you ask. If you ask a Catholic, he or she will probably start talking about Jesus Christ, the church, the Pope, or something having to do with the bible. If you ask a person

of any denomination, whether it be Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or anything in between, the person will probably point you back to the religion he or she derives from.

In my humble opinion, there is no nailed down definition of spirituality. Yes, there are similarities within its meaning regardless of if you conform to organized religions or simply do your own thing, but spirituality, TRUE spirituality is what we make it.

I embarked on my own spi

ritual journey a long time ago, back when I was a Junior in high school, to be exact. I grew up Catholic and gay, and we all know, especially back in the early 2000’s, those two things did not mix well with one another. I have early childhood memories at about 12-13 years old sitting in religion class listening to the teacher basically tell me (without realizing she was telling me) that I was damned to hell for the feelings I was having toward the same sex. Catholicism was the land of “no”, and honestly, the rules and regulations and standards scared me.

My intention in writing this is not to shit on any religion. I am simply talking about my own experience with the only form of “spirituality” that was shoved down my throat from the earliest days of my childhood. Everyone’s experience with religion is different, but mine is mine and this is my blog and I am going to speak on it unapologetically.

For several years after that particular religion class, I was a scared little adolescent in the closet, too afraid to speak up about wha

t I was feeling because “God” was going to be angry with me. It wasn’t until I completely pulled away from the church and met my first girlfriend that my TRUE introduction into new age spirituality was bestowed upon me. This new age way of thinking fit more with who I was than the organized ways of doing things.

I was a Junior in high school and my girlfriend’s mom, Fran (who I am still very good friends with to this day) entered into my life. I remember being warned about her. “My mom is into weird shit”, my girlfriend and her sister said. I was definitely intrigued. They told me she talked to ghosts and I had no idea what that even meant. I pictured someone who wore all black, summoned the devil, and heard voices in her head. I pictured Snape from Harry Potter, basically. When I was greeted by a warm, kind, loving human being, I was shocked.

Throughout the years of being in my relationship with my girlfriend, me and Fran would sit outside in her backyard for hours and just talk about religion and spirituality. We would discuss the differences between the two and how people don’t need religion in order to be spiritual. It was the first time I felt a safe space to express my disdain for the religion I grew up in.

Fran taught me that spirituality is simply our connection to our higher selves. In fact, 15 years later, our individual definitions of spirituality probably differ a little if I were to ask her. But, if someone were to ask me what spirituality is, I would say this:

Spirituality is whatever you want it to be. It is a concept that allows a person to feel connected to all there is and all there ever will be. It is psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is what gives you faith in unnerving situations. Spirituality is the unexplainable phone call you receive after heavily thinking about someone you haven’t spoken to in a long while. It’s the dream you had that actually came true but no one even remotely believes you because that shit is "crazy". There is no set definition of what spirituality is, and this is evident with definition #4 of the damn word.

What does it even mean to be spiritual? We all have faith in things. We have faith that grandma will pull through her surgery, we have faith that the Yankees will win the World Series, but what does it even mean to have faith?

In my opinion, having faith in something unseen is what it means to be spiritual. Whether you pray to the Christian God or ask you spirit guides for guidance, believing in a force higher than your own, and also understanding that that force is within you is what it means to be spiritual.

Being spiritual means believing in the unknown. Tarot cards work, but why do they? Is there some unseen force pulling the strings behind the scenes? Is the spread simply a reflection of our subconscious mind? Do we know before we even think we do? Is it all just a coincidence? Sometimes spirituality can leave us asking more questions than receiving answers.

This blog is not one where

I project my beliefs onto the reader. It is simply a space where I attempt to open the minds of whoever just so happens to come across these words. There is beauty in life. There is also beauty in the unseen. Just because we can’t explain things, doesn’t mean we should turn away from them.

Spirituality, to me, is freedom. It is not rooted in Dogmatic principles. Everything in life should be questioned and learned and unlearned and then learned again in a different way. There is no set rulebook. There are many ancient and modern practices that will be spoken about and explored in this blog, but the beauty of being here is that YOU get to choose wh

at feels best for your own spiritual practice.

Alchemy, Tarot, Hermetic Principles, Astrology, Numerology, Meditation, Chakras and anything else you can think of are all topics I am excited to explore a

nd learn more about. These are topics I am still learning about on my own spiritual path, but I am here sharing with you what I’ve come to know and understand on this journey. I will also speak from my own experiences as that is the best way for me to relate to you guys on a level that isn’t so out there in the sky.

This is a journey that seemingly has no end. Spiritual, psychological and emotional awakenings happen every day. There is no end to this journey, but that is probably the most comforting thing about it all. I hope you find some comfort in my words the way that I find comfort in knowing that God, source energy, the Universe or whatever else you want to define it as is real.

Check out my podcast episode below to catch a glimpse of how far the rabbit hole we can go with this subject!

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