The Five Different “Clairs” (Psychic Gifts)


As new age topics continue to be searched up and read about, more people are learning about the different psychic gifts that exist. There are dozens of gifts that people can develop, but the ones I want to focus on today are the most talked about and most widely recognized in the mainstream.

Before I tell everyone what these five gifts are, I just want to remind everyone that we all have the ability to be psychic. We all ARE psychic. Whether you believe in the esoteric or you consider yourself to be more of a naturalist, ask yourself what intuition is. Have you ever walked into a room and just knew there was someone in it you didn’t like? Have you ever had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen? Have you ever dreamt something and then it literally happened the next day? These phenomena all stem from our innate intuition which is like a muscle that just simply needs to be worked out.

Like any talent or gift in this world, we are all gifted with unique ones; ones that fit who we are better than others. The same way some people were MADE to play soccer and others were made to write books, but the basketball player isn’t blocked from writing and the writer might play basketball on their spare time, is the same way some people have more of one gift than another but ALL have the capability to develop or utilize ALL the gifts. Make sense? I had to clarify that, but now, I shall introduce the five psychic gifts.

1. Clairvoyance

This one means “clear seeing”. Before you start thinking that this means hallucinations, it’s more of mental pictures in the mind’s eye.

I realized that whenever I am really tired and ready to go to sleep, I’ll close my eyes and see movies play out in my mind’s eye. These moving pictures are really there, detailed, and I could paint them if I were an artist, but they are mental pictures.

Honestly, this has been a norm my entire life. Since I was a child, I remember flying over houses whenever I would close my eyes. Maybe it was just a vivid imagination or maybe it meant something, but now that I’m an adult, a spiritual one, I’ve come to realize that these symbols mean things. They are symbols that have messages attached to them.

Whether it’s seeing one of my friend’s dead relatives who I’ve literally never seen before in my life but describing them perfectly or seeing one or two symbols that represent feelings, Clairvoyance is all about seeing.


2. Clairaudience

You guessed it. This is clear hearing. This one is probably the one I have most blocked. Something just really creeps me out about hearing voices or sounds to relay messages. Now, obviously, if these voices are telling you to do harmful things, it is best to seek counsel. Not everything is spiritually connected and mental health issues do exist, but if you every once in a while hear a gentle whisper in your ear telling you not to go down that road or to take a different path than you are used to, that could be your intuition speaking to you through clairaudience.

I don’t really have many anecdotal stories for this one because, like I’ve mentioned, I’ve blocked it on account of it creeping me out, but I definitely know people who have this gift and it is fascinating. They will even sometimes be given songs or music to relate to a person’s message!


3. Clairsentience

This one means clear feeling. This term and the term “Empath” get interchanged WAY too much (might do a separate blog post on the differences between the two). While the two go hand in hand, clairsentience is really the embodiment of the trait that is empathy, but kicked up to high gear.

For example, when my grandmother passed away, anxieties were running high. Emotions were running even higher. My entire family was in complete disarray. This, being one of my strongest gifts, was my Achilles heel. Whenever I saw someone crying, I cried, but not because I merely felt bad for them, but because I could literally feel the pain they were feeling. When we were in the church the day of the funeral, I sat next to my cousin. This day was actually a decently calm day for me. I was relieved it was all over. All of a sudden, like a wave, I was hit with random anxiety. My heart was racing and I couldn’t breathe. I looked over at my cousin and said “you’re anxious right now aren’t you?”. She looked at me, knowing I’m the weird cousin who feels shit, and said “How the hell did you know that? You fucking felt it didn’t you?!”.

Clairsentient people have it rough out here in these streets. I might do an entire blog post about this one, about what it’s like living with this crap, but just know that we feel and take on other people’s emotions. At first, it’s against our will and uncontrolled, but once we become aware of who we are and what the gift is, we create boundaries and understand that we are there to feel the shit so we can help ease it and be a shoulder for others.


4. Clairalience

This one is clear smelling. So many of us can relate to this one. We can smell our grandfather’s old cologne and know he’s there with us. Whether it’s in our heads or it’s real, it means something in the moment.

I smell mothballs and immediately am reminded of my Nonni. Though I don’t have much experience or depth of knowledge with this one, I definitely know that we all have had that moment where we smelled something that wasn’t there but immediately reminded us of a time when we were younger or a person who departed. This one, I’d argue is probably the most prevalent amongst non-spiritual people.


5. Claircognizance

You ever just know something without understanding how you know it? That’s what this is. You either know some sort of fact about someone, a detail they haven’t shared, but you just know it, you speak it to them and they look at you like you’re nuts.

Claircognizance is the inner knowing. We don’t know how or why we know this thing, but we are often proven right. We are also often left befuddle and baffled by the fact that we knew that. “How the hell did I know that?” are the words most commonly spoken when we start developing these gifts.

Recently, I had a friend come to me for a tarot card reading about her husband’s job situation. She wanted to know if he would be promoted to another position in another state. I was very ungrounded this particular day so I told her to give me twenty minutes to meditate and I would pull some cards for her. During the meditation I had this “knowing” that there was a John that was complicating things. I didn’t hear it, I didn’t feel it, I just KNEW it. After the twenty minutes of meditating, I had this nudge to tell her about what I knew. I grappled with the idea because if I was wrong, I’d look crazy, but I couldn’t not say it. I texted her “who the fuck is John and why is he complicating shit?” and she responded with “Holy shit, Tori. That’s my husbands assistant. He makes it difficult for my husband to leave because he might not be ready to take over if my husband gets promoted!”.

We both sat there completely shocked. I was literally in disbelief that I was right, but I just KNEW the situation and KNEW I had to relay the message.


As you can see, these gifts are extremely complex. Some are used in accompaniment with others. Some psychics only have a few while some only have one. Whichever ones you find yourself resonating with more, just know that it all comes down to intuition. When you can trust that, you can trust yourself to give clear and concise messages in your own unique way!

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