Spirituality vs. Psychology

First and foremost, let me just explain how this title can be misleading. This blog post is not at all about two opposing forces. It is not meant to pin the two topics against one another, rather to merge the two and show how they aren’t really too different from one another.

On my spiritual journey, I have taken an interest in psychology and human behavior. I’ve always needed a concrete explanation for why outrageous things happen in life. Psychology has always interested me, so when I began reading up on spiritual topics, I was surprised to see the marriage of these two topics.

Whatever you want to call all this self-development, esoteric crap: psychology or spirituality or spiritual psychology, it really doesn’t matter, because the concepts are basically the same.

As discussed in the first blog on this site, spirituality means something different to each individual. For some people, it’s their relationship to God or a higher power, but for others, it’s sitting in solitude and reflecting on life in order to receive answers that help us along in life. Meditation is a spiritual practice, for sure, but it has also been studied by neuroscientists and has been proven to offer amazing effects on the brain and psychology.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychotherapy, mentioned the subconscious mind. The spiritual gurus I watch on YouTube, including spiritual teacher and doctor, Joe Dispenza, speak of the subconscious mind as well. These two concepts are just one small example of how many concepts are shared in both spirituality and psychology.


Tarot cards derived from archetypes. Human archetypes were explained very articulately by Dr. Carl Jung.

The point I am trying to horribly bring forth is that many topics discussed in spirituality or even practices that are taken up have their roots in psychology. The mind is the most powerful thing we own and yet, no one knows what the hell it even is. What is consciousness? Neuroscientists are still conducting experiments to understand exactly what consciousness is, and yet, Yogi’s who can’t explain it either just know that we are all conscious beings who can tap into a collective consciousness and receive messages.

Maybe someday, science will catch up with the times and we will all know how these phenomena like remote viewing and telepathy work. Maybe I will rewrite this blog post and give way more examples of how spirituality and psychology are a lot more closely linked than we realize. Actually, I’m sure I will after more extensive reading and research, but the one thing I absolutely know for certain is that spirituality and psychology are brother and sister, husband and wife, mom and child. You can’t have one without somehow stumbling upon the other.

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