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It does get better. I know it sounds cliche to say it, but it really is the truth. I once wanted to die. I once hated who I was. I once lost myself, but I am here discovering who I am, living out my purpose, feeling amazing in every way.

If someone had told me, then, that I would experience all the amazing things I've experienced up to this point, I wouldn't have believed them. I felt, at that time, like I was in a tunnel of darkness, like I was stuck in the darkness for the rest of my life. Sometimes, depression can feel like that, but I continued to push through and hold on for dear life, and because of that, I am here to tell my story to all of you.

Normally, I write these and give you guys the reader's digest version of my podcast episode that week, but this one, I feel needs to be watched all the way through. It's important to understand that we are not alone ever and that life comes in waves. Sometimes those waves crash on us and we feel like we have no escape, and sometimes they're calm and beautiful. The point of life is to ride those waves regardless of how dark and scary they may seem.

Our deepest growth, our most impactful growth comes to us in those moments of darkness. Like the caterpillar in the cocoon, it doesn't fight the cocoon because it recognizes that this is necessary for it to spread its wings and fly.

By no means am I telling you to do nothing about your depression. Without therapy, rebuilding my foundations with the people who mean the most to me in life, and the proper tools and resources, I might have succumbed to my depression. But, I also did not resist it when it came. I did not beat myself up. I was provided the grace necessary to live out the experience and come out the other side of it. I suppose that is what I am trying to build here with you all: a space where you can be met exactly where you are.

If you take one thing way from this blog post, let it be this: I promise you, it gets better if you just hold on.

If you are struggling, feel free to reach out to I will always lend an ear and provide space.

You are not your ailments. Do not own them.

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