Contradictions Within New Age Spirituality

Often times, when people delve into spiritual topics, we tend to see a lot of contradictions with certain topics. I know one of my issues at first with all this crap was the "well if THIS exists then how can THAT exist", and no one really explained anything to me, I just simply kept learning, reading, and meditating, and realized the answer was there in front of me all along.

The answer is that certain topics are not mutually exclusive of one another. As humans, we often think in terms of black and white. You have to be pro-life or else you are against it. If you support BLM, you hate police officers. If you believe ONE progressive concept, you must be a "snowflaking hippie with blue hair". The truth is, humans are complex creatures and life on this planet is a mirror to that complexity. The same holds true within spirituality.


For example, I had a tough time sifting through the concept behind destiny because I was such a strong believer in the law of attraction and manifestation and creating our own realities. How could things be pre-ordained, how could we sign a soul contract before we incarnate onto this planet while also having the free will to choose what we do in this life? Does this mean nothing even remotely matters? Does this mean life has no purpose or meaning? As you can tell, I fell down the ridiculous rabbit hole that is my brain.

The truth is, these can all exist simultaneously. In fact, they have to in order to keep the balances in life. You can sign a soul contract that says you incarnated here onto this planet in order to fulfill a specific duty or purpose but while you're there, you choose your path and create your own destiny.

If we believe that we come here for a lesson, each one of us with unique soul lessons, meeting each person in our path for a specific reason, then we should also believe that we chose that exact game of life we are living, no? It gets deep, but what I am trying to articulate (probably poorly I might add) is that some things in life are set in stone. Some things just HAVE to take place in order for there to be life. For example, my parents HAD to meet, fall in love, have mediocre sex, and create me in order for me to exist. I mean, naturally, how else would I have gotten here? This event in life was destined to happen. Regardless of how it happened, it was bound to happen, because here I am.

Maybe my parents wouldn't have met in that club that night. Maybe, if they'd missed each other that night, they would have gotten into a fender bender on a side street. Maybe they would have been introduced on a blind date. However that could have happened would have been their free will and choice, but it happening was predestined because, like I said, here the hell I am.

This might not make any sense to anyone, and that is totally understandable. When I first wrapped my brain around these concepts all existing simultaneously I swear, my brain felt like it was going to explode. But, like I've said in previous blog posts, we must keep an open mind and detach from any set belief system. That is the whole point of this blog, anyway.

It can all exist all at once. In fact, it does. Even if it's just a thought, it exists, still. I know this shit is deep, but I just wanted to expand some minds out there. You create your destiny, yes, but your purpose is something for you to figure out.

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