3 Huge twin flame misconceptions

In my recent episode of The Tori Franco Show, I erratically talked about the difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates. If you want a brief definition (or something) of what each are, click here. This blog post is being written assuming you've either googled what twin flames are, watched/ listened to my recent episode on the topic, or have a prior knowledge. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of the subject and I feel like I won't even be able to articulate everything in one or two posts. I would, however, LOVE to give some common misconceptions floating around the ethers in regards to twin flames. This topic is weaponized and used to manipulate vulnerable souls, and honestly, I've had enough of it. Here are some common misconceptions to look out for when learning about twin flames.

1. Your Twin Flame is the Other Half of Your Soul

Now, I am not really sure how we came to this conclusion when the whole premise of a twin flame is in the fuckin title, but literally everyone and their mom says that your twin flame is the other half of your soul. I'm not even one to talk, because when I first heard it explained to me this way I was literally accepting of the definition without even realizing the psychological implications that this can have.

Firstly, to assume that there is another half of your soul floating around somewhere that you have yet to meet and might never meet on this physical plane is literally depressing as shit. You are born with half a soul? The math just ain't mathin' here. To perpetuate the idea that we need to find our other half only feeds into codependence and attachment issues. I don't know who made up this definition, but I can assure you, they were trying to keep you powerless.

You and every other person on this planet are a complete soul. There is nothing more that you need in this life other than yourself. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what the twin flame journey is all about (more on that in the next misconception).

Your twin flame is literally your TWIN soul. I don't know why or how I missed this fact at first, but duh, it's in the fucking name. Just like a biological identical twin has the same exact physical make up as his or her twin counterpart, YOU, and everyone else on the planet, have a twin whose soul is the exact same spiritual DNA as yours. That is literally all a twin flame entails. You are NOT half a person, you are not half a soul. You are complete. The journey allows you to realize this.

2. The Twin Flame Journey is All About Finding You Other Half

This one really fucks me all the way up. I fell victim to this shit so badly for so long. Tik Tok Tarot readers and readers on the internet definitely don't help with this idea either. If there is an "expert" online who is trying to push this narrative, run fast, because they have no idea what the hell they are saying and they probably are just trying to keep you stuck to keep sucking you dry of money.

The twin flame journey is actually all about you and your self love. It is the ULTIMATE self love journey. The reason for this is because, energetically, however much you heal yourself, you are also healing your twin. The more you love yourself, the more your twin with love themselves, and the more independent and strong you become, the more they will. Your twin is your literally soul's mirror. Whatever you do to one, will be done to the other, and if you are on the journey, you will absolutely witness this fact even in your inevitable separation.

This journey's purpose is to show you how independent and amazing you are. It's here to level you up spiritually and mentally. If you are stuck on your person, waiting for them to come back, wondering what they are doing at all hours of the day and night, you are actually being counterproductive. If you want union with your twin soul, you have to do the work on yourself. There is no way around it.

3. The Twin Flame Journey is a Toxic One

Immediately no. Your twin flame will never gaslight you or be toxic. If you are in an abusive relationship, please get out and walk away for good. I don't know who is benefiting from this idea, but I can assure you, you will not benefit from remaining in a situation with someone who is mentally manipulative. Twin flames share unconditional love. Yes it will be painful, the separation in particular is one that catalyzes your hugest spiritual awakening in life, but it WILL NEVER be toxic.

What will most likely happen in a twin flame separation is that one person will just not be ready for the connection. They might lie or just be immature, but they will never gaslight or abuse you mentally. You will not be manipulated by your twin flame. He or she will own up to their shit, admit they are confused and scared, maybe not directly but still, and you two will separate.

The only ugliness attached to the separation is the inner feelings that come to the surface. You will be catapulted into your triggers and traumas so that you can heal them and finally face them and essentially become a completely new human.

The idea that toxicity is involved is just so incredibly dangerous. I wish I could save every single person who is sucked into this narrative, reliving old cycles with sociopaths all because some tarot idiot told them they should.

There are so many more misconceptions and , like I said, I could make a whole series on the topic. I might be making a post about what to look out for and how to tell the person could potentially be a twin flame. Who knows. Regardless of any of that, though, use this tiny list as your guide to discerning the crooks from the pure hearted. Happy discovering, ya'll.

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