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Passionate About Inspiring Others

The picture to your right was taken about a year ago. You'd never know, but I was going through a pretty hefty depression at the time. Little did I know, at that moment, that I was about to enter into the most anxious and panic attack-y spiritual awakening of my entire life. Little did I know that I'd be thrust, dragged, and flung onto my truest life path: spiritual coaching.


Shortly after that picture was taken, I needed an outlet to get myself out of a depression. Normally, I'd take up drinking and smoking (which I was already doing), but I needed something more this time. This was when I discovered the Tarot. They'd always been in the background of my life. They'd always been there, I guess I just wasn't ready to take them on yet. I wasn't ready to take on the responsibility that came with them, but when I started using them this time, I was hooked. I had a new addiction to play with.

Without writing an entire novel about my journey, delving deep into the tarot has been the catalyst to so much spiritual growth and change. It has been my own guide and coach, introducing me to people who I needed to meet in order to get me on the right track. It was only after diving into tarot that I was introduced to life coaching. When I'd first heard about it, I asked zero questions, but was already all in. Helping people heal is where my heart has always been, it's where I want my heart to take residency. If you know my story, you know my twists and turns to find my heart's call. You know the road hasn't been a straight and narrow one, but you also know that I've dedicated my energy and time to leveling up spiritually so that I may help others do the same. I've spent my time healing so that I may teach others how to do the same. 

I am nowhere near a perfect person, and my journey is still going, but I am confident in my abilities as a coach to show true empathy, give great guidance, and hold your hand through the moments of murkiness. I can be that light for you. The work is yours, but I will be the one on the sidelines cheering you on every step of the way, offering insights, and helping you get centered.


  • Certified Life Coach

  • Spiritual Coach

  • Anxiety Coach

  • Self Love Coach

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